How do I get my results?

IELTS test results are released 13 calendar days after the test and unofficial results can be viewed online here.

Result/EOR Collection Time

9:00a.m – 3:00p.m (Monday – Friday only)


EOR Processing Time

MAXIMUM of 5 weeks


Results Collection Options

Available options of Results Collection include:


Test Report Forms collection in person

To collect the Test Report Form (TRF) at the Test Center, the candidate must come along with the International Passport or National e-ID card used to take the test to the Test Center/Test Center liaison offices. Please note that copies of the passport or originals of other IDs are not accepted for results collection.


Test Report Forms collection by a third-party

Third-party result collection is allowed. HOWEVER, the third-party must come along with the following:

  1. A TYPED Letter of Authorization with the Candidate’s Full Name (as on valid identity card), Candidate Numbers, and Test Date all clearly stated. Also stated in the letter should be the Full Name of Third- Party, ID Type and ID Number of Third-party. The letter should be duly signed by the candidate, which MUST match the signature on International Passport or National ID (e-ID).
  2. Candidate’s ORIGINAL International Passport (copies or other ID are not accepted).
  3. The authorized third-party must bring an original VERIFIABLE ID Card and a photocopy of it for our records. A verifiable ID card for the third party includes national ID card, voters’ card or international passport


Test Report Forms delivery by courier

Candidates can receive their results via courier.

To enable this service, the candidate would need to submit the Courier Shipment Form after results release date. Applicable courier charges (cashless payment options only) would be borne by the candidate.

Test Report Forms by courier would only be delivered to the candidate’s address used at the point of registration and could take up to 5 working days for local shipment (international shipment fees and delivery timeline would be communicated at the time of request).



  • Only one copy of the TRF will be issued to candidates. A candidate may also request up to five (5) additional TRFs to be sent to Receiving Institutions (universities, professional bodies, etc) within two (2) years of taking the IELTS test, if detailed on the Application Form. An order for more than five (5) TRFs will be subject to additional fees.
  • Charges for local and international postage or courier costs apply.
  • Test Centres are NOT permitted to give test results over the telephone, via fax or e-mail to candidates.
  • Results collection is done on week days (excluding holidays) from 9 am- 12 noon.
  • Nigeria’s most popular English-language test for work, study, and migration.
  • IELTS is recognised by over 10,000 organizations in 140 countries worldwide.
  • Speaking test administered face to face in a private, quiet room with one examiner.