Special Circumstances

A variety of arrangements can be made for IELTS test takers with special requirements including hearing, visual or learning difficulties.

These include:

  • modified and enlarged print papers
  • braille papers
  • braille and enlarged print versions of the Speaking component
  • lip reading version of the Listening component
  • extra time for the Reading and Writing component and/or use of a computer (e.g. for test takers with dyslexia)
  • a scribe to write answers on a test taker’s behalf
  • special Listening component using amplification equipment and/or lip-reading version of the Listening component for those with hearing difficulties.

If you require special arrangements, please contact us with your needs with us as soon as possible. Each case is considered individually and will need to be accompanied by a medical certificate.

  • Changes to the testing environment require up to six weeks notice.
  • Changes to the test paper can require up to three months notice.


Medical Evidence

All applications for special circumstances should be supported by medical evidence, which should meet the following criteria:

  • The medical evidence should be accessible to the IELTS Administrator in terms of language and legibility
  • The medical evidence should be an original document on headed paper, and bearing the name, relevant qualification(s) and signature of a recognized practitioner
  • The medical evidence should give a clear statement of the candidate’s disability
  • The medical evidence should make it clear how the disability justifies special arrangements

Additional criteria apply in the case of applications for special arrangements for candidates with specific learning disabilities (e.g. dyslexia):

  • The medical evidence must be in the form of a report prepared no more than two years prior to the date of the examination
  • The report must include details of the degree of disability
  • The report must include an assurance that the evidence of specific difficulties was obtained through the results of appropriate and recognized tests
  • The report must be provided by a fully qualified educational, clinical or chartered physician
  • The above documentation must accompany the IELTS Application
  • The documentation must either be in English or be accompanied by an official translation into English
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