CD IELTS Transfer, Cancellation And Refund Policy

Request for cancellation or postponement of your IELTS test must be made strictly 3 days before the test date via email or in person only. Telephone cancellation or postponement will not be accepted.

Test takers can only be transferred to another Test date before 3 days to their initial Test Date and will be required to make an administrative payment of 25% of their test fee.

If a test taker falls ill during the test and chooses to transfer to a future date, they will be required to:

  • Complete all four components again, and
  • Provide a medical certificate.


Test takers may choose to cancel their test at any stage. They will be eligible for a refund if they provide:

  • Reasonable notification before the test date to cancel their test (at least 3 days prior), or
  • A medical certificate within 2 working days after the test explaining their absence (including falling ill during and being unable to finish the test or evidence of loss or bereavement, hardship, trauma or military service).
  • A local administrative deduction fee of 25% will be applied when issuing a refund

You must complete a “Request for Refund” or “Test Day Transfer Form” and attach appropriate documentation and/or evidence; such as a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death notice or certificate or a police report.

Contact us for more information.

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