Important Information About Acceptable Identification for Registration & Test Day

Details are below.


It is important to note that for a successful registration, a valid copy of the International Passport or National e-ID card MUST be uploaded and any other ID document will not be accepted. The ID document used for registration must also be valid (unexpired) on the test day.

The coloured digital copy of this ID document must match the following criteria to be verified:

  • Full – No part of it should be cut off, including all edges
  • Clear – showing ALL details clearly (not blurry, not faint, not smudged, not fuzzy, etc)
  • Coloured – colour scan
  • Scanned – not photographed or photocopied, not scanned using a phone or with pouch/passport Jacket, stickers, rubber bands, etc
  • Unedited – Do not crop or photoshop, stretch or shrink
  • Double – full data page along with page adjoining the passport data page.

We strongly recommend that applicants scan the ORIGINAL ID document (and not a coloured copy) with an appropriate scanning machine (not a phone app or camera) by placing the data pages face down in the center of the scanner without editing. We have found that this is the best way to achieve the required ID specification and prevent a back-and-forth and/or loss of test booking.

Please note that we cannot approve an application for the test without a verified acceptable copy of the ID document (International Passport or National e-ID card) within the running validity of your booking. If the booking expires while this is yet to be concluded, IT WILL NOT BE REINSTATED and the applicant will have to start all over again.


For any Test Day – speaking test or written tests (LRW) – only ORIGINAL and UNEXPIRED International Passport and National e-ID card will be accepted for entry. We, therefore, advise that applicants are in possession of their original passports throughout the registration and all through the test day and results collection day, as not presenting the original passport on Test Day means forfeiting the Test Fee due to absence.

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  • Speaking test administered face to face in a private, quiet room with one examiner.